Thursday, March 10, 2011


After a bit of dithering, and a little unnecessary internet searching, the two 15th cent fringed german hats are done.  Pictures soonish.

I'm sending one down to Ansteorra to my best friend, whom I miss unbearably.  She may not really need at double layer wool hat, but that isn't going to to stop her!  The hats need to washed a couple times to full them some, they're made from wool crepe which isn't really good for felting, but will felt up eventually.

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  1. I miss you unbearably, too. War was hard without you there! And no, nothing is going to stop me from wearing something you made me, especially not since it's cool and different and I found a dress style I like to go with it! Oh, and I've got class handouts from war I need to scan and email you, too!