Monday, March 7, 2011

Updates to the to-do list...

The Boy has told me that he has nothing in the way of cold weather clothing.  Yay?   So we're trying to figure out what Himself actually wants, and I feel like I'm doing dentistry on a reluctant donkey.

He tells me that he needs something that fills void A.  I ask what time/culture/garment would he like that would fill void A.  He says he doesn't know.  Eventually he will find out that I won't sew things he wants/needs unless he tells me what they are!

I have gotten out of him that he wants a fuzzy hat of some kind... but that was as far as I could get out of him.  He likes my fringed hat, and he likes the square hoods Mistress Kaitlyn does for Mongolian stuff, and he likes the six panel fur trimmed hats that I've made for a number of people, but he doesn't seem to want one more than any of the others.  I think I'll make him a square Mongolian hood because it's simple, and he already has a chupa to wear with it.

I've got to limit the amount of randomness in Himself's garb.  Not for any specific request on his behalf, but because I think that he'll find he has more to wear if he can mix and match the pieces, instead of them being a single outfit.  I've found that having four or five pieces in a given genre allows me to mix them up a bit, but I also have a large enough wardrobe that I can make decisions based on when I want to be, instead of choosing the only thing that will work with the weather/activity/etc.

Well, cold weather gear must be added to the To-Do List, we certainly have plenty of cold weather up here.

Big projects:
Cold weather garb for The Boy (whatever that means)
Figuring out what The Boy wants for new garb

Little projects:
Purple Roman
More New Habib Stuff
Stuff to fill out the Etsy shop. (  (you know, just in case someone wanted to see what's up there)

Must get something done today, other than putzing around on the internets.  Dishes and a little sewing sounds good, I think I was planning to get The Boy's gambeson transfered over to a new mock up so I can refit the waist area.  Time to get to work.

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