Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fitting for The Boy's Gambeson...

Went okay.  I'm alway nervous about men's clothing, especially as most guys can't handle stuff that's very form fitting.  The armholes on this gambeson are going to be HUGE, but I think it's necessary for him to be able to fight in it.

So... progress is being made on Himself's Christmas present.  Since we were moving at the end of December/early January, we decided to do Christmas in February.  So I'm only a month late so far.  The goal is to get my part of his fighting kit all pretty before he decides to participate in any Coronette tourneys.

I need to get the pattern drafted, a mock up cut out and basted, and try it on again.  Eventually, crazy shaped sleeves will have to be patterned, but till then....

So the list of projects grows ever longer.  I'm going to have to write things down here so I can remember what's on the list.

Big projects:
Figuring out what The Boy wants for new garb

Little projects:
Purple Roman
New Habib Stuff

Emmm.... I'll figure out more projects to add to the list later.  We all know this can't be the entirety of my project list.

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