Saturday, March 5, 2011

Loving Blogger so far...

Adding in pictures has been remarkably easy.

Yesterday Idonia and I had a sewing day.  It was rather productive on my side.  She draped me for a Gothic Fitted Dress, which seems to be all the rage here in Adiantum.  I'd just made a ridiculously cute hat from 15th century Germany, and it's the right dress style to go with the hat.  I drafted the pattern, then sewed a second fitting mock up.  After that, I worked on a pair of shalwar for The Boy, since Habib is making an appearance at Egils in a few months.  Then we tweaked the neckline to make a pattern for the Trossfrau.

We came back to my house where The Boy was making us a tasty, tasty dinner, and went out to hang with friends later.  All in all, a good day.

I'm still working on how to reinforce the bodice of the dress.  At the moment, I've decided on interlining the bodice with canvas and no corded corset.  After the whole thing is finished, if I think it needs more support in order to smooth out wrinkles, I can always add a corset later.

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