Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gambeson D'oh moment...

So when I woke up this morning, (yes it's still technically morning here)  I realized that to put a seam line at the waist of the gambeson.  I think I might have considered it yesterday and dismissed it, but I really need to do it.
1) It'll help with the fitting over Himself's backside (I didn't realize he had that much!) and 2) it will give me a place to insert lacing strips without torquing the the body.

We're still discussing where or not he gets cuisses or not, he's not sure he needs them, but I think they'd make him look good.  The lacing strip in the waist isn't really necessary for his current armor needs, but he wants to make the move toward improving his kit, and this is a good way to do that without spending too terribly much money.  Eventually he'll get a nice suit of chain, when we can afford it.

So, I'll have to cut a new mock up of the body.  I usually move from the fitting to a paper pattern, but since I goofed, I think I'll try cutting from crap fabric to crap fabric.  I'm always leery of doing so, since it can twist, but I think I'll be okay in this instance, since I'll be refitting, and will have to leave huge seam allowances anyway.

Well, that's on my tomorrow pile, since today requires cleaning the kitchen and the first cooking meeting, and Himself has to run off to the lab and work with the fishes.  Well cuttlefish, but playing with squid doesn't have the same ring.

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