Monday, November 7, 2011

So I'm trying out a new website...

I am a rather busty woman.  I've always been a busty woman, much to my dismay when it comes to shopping.  I haven't been able to purchase bras from a department store since I started high school.  I was buying from Lane Bryant throughout high school, and now I'm too busty for them.  So I am trying out a website geared towards busty ladies, Big Girl Bras.  They are currently running a sale on a few things and have a fairly generous return policy, so I thought I'd give them a shot.

So far I'm impressed.  They have a large variety, let you know what is and isn't in stock right up front, and give the shopper a sizing chart to show how the different brands line up with a standard U.S. sizing.

I wandered through their "Everyday Bras" page, uninspired to really purchase anything, as my main motivation when purchasing a new bra, regardless of fit or comfort, is that I want a bra my grandmother wouldn't approve of.  After that I want fit and comfort, but if I think my grandmother would approve I don't want to wear it.  When I purchase a bra, it must be attractive.  Besides having a man in my life that will see it, if my bra isn't pretty, I won't feel pretty.  And being a larger woman means I don't always feel pretty, so I don't see a reason to start off a step behind.

So I popped over to the "T-Shirt Bras" page and decided to purchase the Le Mystere Bra 9955.  It had good ratings for the five reviews given it, and was currently on sale(ish), marked down from $69 to $62.10.   I have enough money to try it, and can always return it if it doesn't fit correctly and try again with a different size or different style.  When I got to the check out page, they gave me the coupon code "dancing" as an extra 10% off the purchase.  Which brought my purchase to just under $61 with the generic shipping that is non refundable if the bra doesn't fit.

I've since noticed that they have this code on their webpage and it's good through Nov. 10 for purchases over $35.  They also have a coupon code for free shipping on purchases over $75.  Considering that just one bra could be over $75, that's a pretty easy way to free shipping.

I'll let the internet know when it arrives and if it fits.  I can't decide if I want it to fit or not, so I can test the return policy...

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