Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So I've thought up a way to scale back my idea...

I was thinking about the sheer scope of doing woodcuts to illustrate the first part of the story of Saint Ursul, and from the beginning, I knew it was a bit ridiculous.  I don't have the skills, the time or really the patience to do such a large scale project.  But I've come up with a moderately sized project that could be interesting.  In the random internet searching I've done recently on woodcuts and saints, I ran across the theory that in period small woodcut prints of saints were sold as tokens for a pilgrimage, as good luck charms, and were then pasted into books of hours, sewn into garments, or pasted into various boxes to bring safety and good luck via the particular saint to the person or item.  I kind of like the idea of doing a couple different sized icons of "Saint Ursul" and trying to sell them along with documenting the process.  I think it would be something different even if it wasn't a prize winner, and would bring a little more medieval feel to the event.

The trouble being, I'm not the greatest artist when it comes to drawing, and the subject is a made up character so I don't know all the details such as his heraldry, or hairstyle or if he had facial hair.  I'll try to ask someone responsible for the competition if they know what the heraldry is supposed to look like, and I can pick a culture to imitate for the woodcut style, and mimic their hair.

I've got some ideas, it's probably time to start sketching.  Or maybe bed.

Or maybe sketching?

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