Sunday, October 9, 2011

So I'm inspired for a new A&S project...

I was looking into future events for the area, and there's a huge event that's well known around An Tir that the boy and I are interested in attending, called Ursulmas up near Seattle.  There's an A&S competition based around the fictional patron Saint of Aquaterera and I was reading the legends about St. Ursul, and thought that woodcuts depicting Part I would be a really cool idea.

Of course all the knowledge I have about woodcuts I learned in a single class taught by a friend at an event years ago.  And I haven't really tried carving anything, aside from a couple things on a lathe, since that class.  And I don't own any of the materials or supplies necessary to undertake such a project.

But boy, do I want to try it.

Aside from the lack of materials, tools and knowledge, the event is in January.  At the same time I'm supposed to be competing in the local A&S championship for Adiantum.  To compete in this championship, I'll need two entries, one of which I've decided to base around the iconic hairstyle of Empress Livia and an article written by hairstyle archaeologist Janet Stephens .  I'm not sure what I want to do for the second entry, but it's supposed to be on something completely different, and if possible, one art and one science, if the entrant can differentiate the two.

I'm tempted to visit the local Michael's tomorrow and see what it would cost to start off with basic woodcut supplies.

But for tonight, I should get off the computer and let The Boy get some sleep.

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