Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Project...

So I've been "commissioned" to start a new project, which is always exciting, though the reason for this specific commission is a sad one.  My wifey has asked me to make her a black pillbox hat to wear for her grandmother's funeral.  Her grandmother hasn't passed yet, but has been given only a few weeks.  So tonight I'm making the buckram frame, and she'll have to send me the silk velvet she wants to cover it.

After I get the frame done, then I get to work on drafting sleeve patterns for The Boy's gambeson.  He's specifically requested that I complete all the mock ups before moving onto the real fabrics because of how important fit is in this project.  I can handle the request I suppose.  So I'll have to pull out the drafting skillz.

My friend and her boy are hanging out with me and The Boy today, so she and I are working on sewing while The Boy is making lasagna.

Off to work...

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