Saturday, April 30, 2011

Personal Progress...

I finally got off my duff enough to mock up The Boy's Gambeson, in hideous floral print, and have made progress on the seams, though I haven't drafted any sleeve patterns yet.  The new waist seam has been included and the skirt flaps have been draped.  The next step, hopefully I'll get to it soon, is to trace the pieces and make the changes to the body pattern and make the new skirt pattern pieces.  Then I can either go along the sleeve route or build the body route.  Sleeves will mean taking measurements and drafting a pattern before mocking it up, building the body means I get to cut into the pretty blue linen and start on the quilting!  The sleeves are going to be the more complex thought process, the body is going to be the more time consuming, but since both need to be done we'll see which I'm in the mood for when next I sew.

I've decided to test the merchanting waters at events with a rather new idea.  I braid hair.  I braid lots of hair.  I sometimes then arrange the braids into fancy (or not so fancy) hairstyles.  I've decided I'd like to get paid for this.  Thus I've decided to try merchanting at Egils in May to see if this might be a viable way to earn a little extra cash here and there.  I don't have any more set up than a chair and a small table for my stuff, and I don't really want to have to stay with my chair for all the hours merchants are scheduled for, so we'll see how scheduling works.

Below are a few photos of braiding I've done on different occasions, just cause I can...

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