Sunday, November 4, 2012

Realized I never posted pics of my Housebook dress....

Even though the dress was made nearly a year ago... Oops?

Outdoor photos are from the first wearing at Stargate Yule down in Houston; the indoor photos are from Midwinter's Feast in Adiantum (Eugene).  Those last photos of the back of the dress are me being made the Barony's A&S Champion.  It's hard to see in the photos just how long the train is, but as I've got the dress kilted up in most of them to walk, you can see where the extra six inches past my feet is all hiked up.

I'm still not stuck on the neckline, and have tweaked it some, but need to do more with it.  If we're still in the area in January, maybe I'll tweak it some more for An Tir's 12th night.

Also: Awesome Red Hat!

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