Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sorry folks, haven't had much to say lately...

Although I just found out Janet Stephens is planning more hair styling videos on YouTube, this time around with live models in period style clothing!  Here's the video of what she's planning for the future with exciting tibits about which styles she's going to show!  There are some styles she's already done on mannequins and some styles she's discussed in her article and some styles that are "new" from her.

And she's planning to do the Livia style I did for Midwinters!  I'm giddily excited for that video to come out, as I can already see some differences in her version from the way I interpreted it.  I'm hoping that one comes out soon.

The Cleopatra style she put up a month ago oddly disappoints me.  I look at the images she shows to accompany the style and give the basis for her recreations and I see a vastly different style.  She even comments near the end of the video that people will be confused that the style isn't more difficult.  And I have to agree with hypothetical other viewers, I think the hair should be twisted sections like a melon hairstyle, similar to the technique used to create the Plautilla hairstyle (the Hundred-Strand Braid style).  There is also more of a pouf to the hair along the forehead that she doesn't address at all, and an impression of a twist along the hairline near the ears.  Stephens credits all this to naturally curly hair, and does use a model with natural curl to her hair to produce the style, but I think that if the texture present in the coin is accurate, the model's natural curl needed to be emphasized somehow.  I need to do more research into oiling hair, I think that might be useful to create more defined curl instead of stretched-out, slightly frizzy curl.

As said before, I'm SO looking forward to new videos.  I realized earlier during my nerdgasms that I'm lusting for her work more than I've ever lusted for any man.  (Sorry honey)  I think I might end up "reviewing" them as I notice they come out.  I would love to have a conversation with her about why she chooses some things over others, I would so love to be her apprentice!

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