Monday, January 23, 2012

First steps have been taken...

The Boy and I have thrown our "hats" into the ring for B&B as our current Baron and Baroness are stepping down this year.  This is exciting, but we're both avoiding getting our hopes up.  We moved into the barony only a year ago, and have been warned by everyone we asked prior to sending in our letter of intent that the area is rather insular, and it is unlikely that "foreigners" will be chosen.  There is only one other couple running, and we're friends with them.

Yesterday we had the first Candidate Q&A.  It was sparsely attended, but the questions posed to us were thought provoking.  Everyone noticed that the two sets of candidates had extremely similar responses to questions.  Aside from a question about the Sargentry, we seemed to be very knowledgeable, engaging and earnest.  The Sargentry is a uniquely An Tiran thing, and it specifically belongs to the principality of the Summits.  As far as we understand it, the Sargentry is a set of trials to prove the test taker to be knowledgeable in the variety of aspects of the SCA.  The Baroness usually is the one that puts her seal of approval on a person in the trials.  And then it gets confusing.  A previous Baroness that I like very much and share a lot of similar viewpoints with, believes that sargents should be a short step away from becoming a Peer.  I look at the variety of people that I know that are sargents, and I don't see that.  I see people that are a rather long way from being a Peer.  So maybe it's all in the interpretation of the individual Baroness, but I think that should I become Baroness, it's going to be a whole lot harder to become a Sargent.  I want the possibility of saying, I support this person to the Peer circle considering them, and I want the position of sitting Baroness to back up my opinions.

Ah well.  Reconciling the differences from here and elsewhere isn't always easy.  North-westerners are weird.  We're doing the best we can, and that's all that we can do.

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