Sunday, June 26, 2011

Påsbyxor Progress...

Well, I still can't pronounce the proper Swedish name of this style of pants, but they're close enough to done that  Himself should be able to wear them without too much trouble.  The only thing I haven't done is the belt loops, but when he tried them on yesterday, it seemed like they fit without a belt.  Of course he doesn't have much in the way of hips or a butt, so we'll see.

I tried searching for info on the proper pronunciation, and found interesting info on a forum.  Apparently this style is Viking Rus, and is mostly only Swedish, not Norse or Danish, which is either very different or only a little different, depending on who's talking.  The flaws in my pants according to this forum: I made them out of linen/rayon, I did the calf piece, and possibly the way I did the waistband.  According to the guys on the forum, these would be knee length wool pants worn over straighter leg pants to keep snow off when wading through the snows of Russia.  They would be taken off when the man wearing them would go indoors...

I didn't have wool.

I had enough linen/rayon to make them.  I have enough wool to make leg wraps, though not really nice ones.  I don't really like the feeling of wool against my skin, so I'm not likely to put it against The Boy's skin either.  So I put in the calf pieces.

Somewhere, I found some description of the knee band having metal rings in them for the hook on the leg wraps to attach to.  It's an interesting theory, and if Himself likes the style, I might consider making some that would be more accurate.

For the Future, dependent on Himself's opinions:  Slim leg trousers made of linen following the same style of these minus the major width.  Woven leg wrappings in wool.  Someone on the forum called them wiklbander.  I might be able to get someone else to make them, since we don't have any kind of loom, and I don't know how to weave right now.  Of course some people might think of that as an excuse to learn.  Påsbyxor made of a thin wool with banded knees and a better researched waistband.  I'm still unlikely to sew things by hand, simple as these pants are, though I should get over that one day.

But for today, I call these pants done, and can take them off the To-Do List!

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